Precision CNC Machining Services

With over twenty-five years of defence and commercial experience, our precision CNC machine services provide advanced manufacturing solutions to produce intricate mechanical components. By providing custom CNC machining (computer numerical control technology) with precision engineering services, we’ve become specialists in developing high-quality, cost-effective products that meet strict quality control standards across all areas of production.

What sets our CNC machining and engineering design service apart?

We pride ourselves on our open, diverse, and capable management, and staff with a strong ability to adapt and change with the emerging requirements of numerous industries. With state-of-the-art machinery and skilled machinists, as well as experience working to Australian Defence standards and requirements, our precision CNC machining services provide efficient and reliable solutions for various industries.

How does your CNC machining and engineering service work?

From our fully equipped factory in Melbourne, we supply CNC precision machining parts to customers in a range of industrial sectors including Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Electronics, and Food Processing. Our CNC milling and turning machines create high precision parts on spec, every time. The CNC machinery we use to create the components you need is at the cutting edge of the manufacturing process.

Precision Engineering Services

Our precision CNC machining services include 3, 4, and 5-axis machining. With the ability to work with a wide range of materials, our team of skilled engineers and machinists can deliver precise and reliable parts that meet the most stringent of demands in modern engineering.

3-Axis Milling Machining Services

In 3-axis milling, the milling machine can move in three directions: X-axis (horizontal), Y-axis (vertical), and Z-axis (depth).

This allows for the creation of relatively simple shapes and features on a workpiece. If your precision part requires more complex geometries, using a 3-axis machine would require repositioning the workpiece, which could be more expensive in the long run.

For example: Gearbox Casing, Industrial Pump Housing, Brake Caliper Bracket, Engine Block.

4-Axis Milling Machining Services

4-axis milling adds an additional rotational axis, typically known as the A-axis or the rotary axis.

This axis enables the milling machine to tilt or rotate the workpiece, providing more flexibility and the ability to machine undercuts and angled features without repositioning the workpiece.

For Example: Aerospace Actuator Component, Injection Mold Core, Aluminum Extrusion Profile.

5-Axis Milling Machining Services

5-axis milling takes it a step further by introducing a second rotary axis, known as the B-axis. This axis allows the milling machine to tilt or swivel the tool itself, in addition to the workpiece rotation.

This capability enables the machine to reach even more complex angles and produce intricate geometries with fewer setups and increased precision.

CNC Turning/

Turning, put simply, is machining a turning piece or stock by changing its outside diameters and/or inside diameters at any point along the length of the piece.

Mill-Turning: With a CNC machine that allows us both milling and turning functionality, we have unparalleled flexibility, precision and repeatability in the production of parts and components across industries.

More in-house services & partnerships

Quality & Inspection

Using CMM (coordinate measuring machine), we have an inbuilt quality and inspection process with full traceability. With ISO 9001 accreditation, our processes are global and industry best practices.

CAM Programming

We have the only CAM technology on the market with an unmatched, patented, iMachining solution.

Wire Cutting

Our wire cutting capability enables precise customisation, faster production, and intricate designs to enhance your project.


Our welding services offer seamless fabrication, diverse material compatibility, and allow us to offer a one-stop solution for your manufacturing needs.

Stock Materials

Our robust stock supply assures timely production, reduces downtime, and allows us to meet your demands efficiently.

Heat Treatment

Offering heat treatment allows us to enhance your material durability, strength, and precision - yielding superior quality components.

Waste Management

Our internal waste management process is part of our environmental responsibility, cost efficiency, and sustainability practice.


By choosing our assembly services, you can save valuable time and resources, as we take care of the meticulous assembly work, leaving you with a finished product that's ready for immediate use.

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